The DOOM Pacifist Collection

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What is Pacifist style?

Pacifist style is finishing a DOOM level in Ultra-Violence without harming any monster. That is: no boxing, chainsawing or shooting at monsters, not even shooting barrels that do explode next to monsters, not even pressing switches that activate crushers harming monsters. But it is allowed to make the monsters fight each others, if they are so stupid and agressive, well that's their problem. Note: Even a pacifist cannot always avoid telefrags.

This new style of playing doom has been invented recently to give live to a new Doom Honorific Title - the "Doom Pacifist". There are currently 17 people who hold this title (click here to download their exams).

Comparison with other styles.

There are two major aspects in pacifist: one is to make the monsters fight each others very much like in Tyson, the other is to run slalom through crowds of monsters without fighting them as often required when playing under PAR or for COMPET-N speed entries. In some aspects pacifist is more difficult than Tyson, because you don't even can use pistol or fist to get rid of monsters, on the other hand you are not forced to kill all of them.

About this collection.

The collection consists of three types of recordings. The first, the fastest and miscellaneus. As said before the "Pacifist" is a rather new style of dooming, thus all the first recordings have been collected. The first is not always the best, so the fastest recordings are collected too. And if there exist a paticularly interesting recording of a level it will find its way to the collection even if it is slower. If you know of any older, faster or interesting recording, be sure to send it to the new COMPET-N incoming directory or directely to me (the ultimate goal would of course be to do an uncompleted map for the first time!).

Which recordings are valid?

In a valid recording the player has to start from scratch and play until the level is finished (i.e. the endscreen is shown). This endscreen must be visible for at least 5 seconds. Do not use the [pause] key for more then two times during a recording. In the case that two recordings have the same run time, one with pauses, one w/o, only the pause free recording will be kept. The player might die during a recording ONLY immeditially after doing a DHT dance or when exiting. The recording must be the product of normal gameplay, absolutely no cheats are allowed. Read some more details if you are not sure what is considered cheating. For the miscellaneus section in which interesting recordings are kept, even cheated recording are valid as long as the player claims correctly how the recording has been produced (e.g. played with doom V1.9 and edited with lmpc).

The Collection:

The following table summarizes all the lmps in this collection. If you click on the date of the first recording (fourth column), it will download that "classic" lmp. If you click on the time of the fastest recording (sixth column), it will download this lmp.

File name of the recordings is of the form: pa(map number)-(time in mmss).lmp. However, the dash is eaten up for recordings longer than 9:59.

You can download all the lmps in this collection, 200 kB zipped, 1.5 MB uncompressed) by clicking below. If you want to view more than two of these recordings, this is the way to do it.

Download entire collection (200 kB)

Level DHT6
First lmp by Date Fastest lmp by Time Comments
e1m1 Easiest J. Mathies Dec 13 1994 Thomas Pilger
Very easy, especially with Ultimate DOOM E1M1 wad.
e1m2 Easy Robert Reevy Mai 24 1997 Andy Badorek
The only problem is pressing the end switch.
e1m3 none Steffen Udluft Feb 26 1998 still fastest 24:11 It is possible to clear that map room by room because there are enough imps and demons to kill the soldiers and sargeants. You have to act very carefully and save every piece of health.
e1m4 Easy Robert Reevy Mai 24 1997 Adam Hegyi
Adam's record shows a new jump trick, invented by Rudy Jurjako. Watch also Andy Badorek's record using the old route.
e1m5 none Andy Badorek Feb 21 1998 still fastest 8:41 The dark end room has been considered impossible, until Andy invented a nice strategy to clear the way to the exit.
e1m6 - uncompleted - uncompleted - The beginning seems not so hard, but if you think of the end in which usually rockets are used to clear the way ...
e1m7 - uncompleted - uncompleted - Too much sargeants and tiny corridors to run through, but it might be possible in the same manner as e1m3.
e1m8 Hard Patrick Martin Jun 03 1997 Mike Toliver 3:59 A very interesting map for pacifists. Both barons of hell must be dead to finish this level, watch how this is to be done.
e1m9 Hardest _Steffen Udluft Nov 27 1998 still fastest 1:52 Although this map is crowded by soldiers and sargeants it is still possible. Watch also Yonatan Donner's original and ultra-fast recording.
e2m1 Medium Robert Reevy Mai 24 1997 Andy Badorek 0:46 The difficult part is to pass all those demons to reach the blue door.
e2m2 Easy Simon Widlake Sep 14 1995 Patrick von Massow 0:15 Very easy and already played pacifist for COMPET-N speed records.
e2m3 Hard Steffen Udluft Mai 26 1997 Andy Badorek 0:47 The difficult part is to find a way through the pillars.
e2m4 Medium S. J. Stevens Sep 17 1995 Andy Badorek 0:48 The main problem is to reach the exit switch, which is guarded by two imps. Note that S. J. Stevens first recording doesn't exactely match the pacifist-rules, but I think that can be excused due to it's age (two years older than these rules).
e2m5 Easy Michael Kren Feb 21 1996 still fastest 0:33 Reaching the normal exit is trivial, Andy Badorek has played it to the secret exit.
e2m6 Hardest Kai-Uwe Humpert Jun 12 1996 Andy Badorek
Many narrow passages in this map. Experts skill and patience are required.
e2m7 Hard Robert Reevy Mai 24 1997 Andy Badorek 0:50 There exist two very different ways to play that level. The fast one is just to run through taking all or only the yellow and red keys, with a very high risk of getting stuck, the other one is to let the two barons kill almost all blocking monsters.
e2m8 - uncompleted - uncompleted - Lost souls are not the kind of monsters which can kill a cyberdemon.
e2m9 Easy Eelco de Vries Jun 15 1995 Thomas Zajic 0:07 Pacifist is no challenge but only natural in that map.
e3m1 - uncompleted - uncompleted - This is impossible, the floor is to narrow to pass the demons and there seems to be no way to lure them out.
e3m2 Easy Eelco de Vries Jun 14 1995 Adam Hegyi
As e2m9, just run through.
e3m3 Medium Robert Reevy Mai 24 1997 Andy Badorek 0:32 All blocking monsters can be passed, if you are fast enough.
e3m4 Hard Robert Reevy Mai 27 1997 Andy Badorek
The two invulnerabilitys make it possible to survive in the crowding monsters. A nice map do play pacifist.
e3m5 Medium Robert Reevy Mai 24 1997 Andy Badorek 0:27 Passing the imps in the last floor is the only problem here.
e3m6 Easiest Eelco de Vries Jun 13 1995 Adam Hegyi
The way to the secret exit is trivial, who is able to reach the normal one?
e3m7 Easy Robert Reevy Mai 24 1997 Adam Hegyi
The floors are broad enough to pass all those demons and cacos.
e3m8 Hard David Derrick Jun 08 1995 Steffen Udluft
A very interesting level, you must paralyse the spider. This funny demo shows what it means to stand "inside" the spider.
e3m9 - uncompleted - uncompleted - Impossible like e3m1.
e4m1 - uncompleted - uncompleted - A couple of highly dangerous sargeants, allmost no health and armor and very little maneouvering space.
e4m2 Hardest Yonatan Donner Jun 05 1997 still fastest 0:52 A very hard one played at incredible pace! The Winterfeldt jump is the least problem in that map.
e4m3 Hard Robert Reevy Mai 24 1997 Andy Badorek 0:45 The only problem is to survive the very last room.
e4m4 Medium Robert Reevy Mai 24 1997 Andy Badorek 0:45 If the invulnerability would last a bit longer it would be so easy ...
e4m5 Medium Yonatan Donner Jun 02 1997 Andy Badorek
A funny scene when playing this map is to push the lost soul through the narrow floor.
e4m6 - uncompleted - uncompleted - There are dozends of reasons why this is impossible, one of them is that the cyberdemon must be dead before you can reach the exit.
e4m7 Medium Robert Reevy Mai 24 1997 Peo Sjoblom 0:19 A nice map for playing pacifist, many different routes are possible.
e4m8 Hardest Patrick Martin Jun 19 1997 Steffen Udluft 2:30 This map is great fun for tyson fans. It's a nice example, that spectres and barons of hell are very useful monsters to get rid of those ugly sargeants and imps. Did I mention that the spidermastermind has to be dead to finish that map?
e4m9 Medium Robert Reevy Mai 25 1997 Andy Badorek
There exist a dozend of different routes to play pacifist in that map, check out the DHT pacifist directory to see some.

This collection may be updated every couple of months, if and when better recordings come in.